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We have been asked this one question many times: Why did you open The Barbery?

We opened The Barbery for many reasons mostly to bring back the art of men’s haircuts, beards, mustaches, and spa treatments to today’s men. When we started this project we wanted to reach out to every demographic of men and not just a select few, we wanted to offer a male setting and value without limitations on services and products, A place where all men would be able to experience a traditional and unique grooming experience that only a trained barber stylist can encompass.

There is a rich history of pampering in the tonsorial arts for men that have been lost over the past 35+ years to unisex shops. There are many places women can go but very few places that focus on only men and their specialized needs.

Men have different issues regarding cutting of their hair cowlicks and hat hair to name a few. Men have different requirements regarding facial hair and skin problems. Men have different needs and care to their grooming practices. Men have special issues with their hands and feet. Furthermore, men need different products for healthy hair growth.

There is a whole generation of men that don’t know how to take care of their beards, mustaches, or razor bumps. The Barbery’s goal is to walk men through the process and educate them on ways they can improve their appearance so they are more kissable for that special someone in their life.

We enjoy when women come into The Barbery for gift certificates and say, “It’s about time for a place like this. Where have you been?” Men need to know its okay to take a few minutes out of their hard workday to relax and be pampered. Traditional barbershops did that many years ago for men. Women have been doing for years. Now it’s time for men to be able to have the same again.

We believe The Barbery fills this need.

We opened The Barbery  to bring back the tonsorial arts to today’s average guy.

Where every day of the week is a man-day.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

The Barbery